What is the female equivalent of adding your height to your dating app profile?

Edit: Hmm I don’t know why I keep getting downvotes. I was genuinely curious to hear men’s opinions on the height in dating profiles thing. I appreciate all the answers. I agree with some that there isn’t a direct equivalent due to height not being something we have any control over.

Edit 2: Since a lot of people are asking: I was surprised about seeing men post their heights in their profiles but it is often with the disclaimer that “apparently it matters”. I’m assuming they put it because it matters to women. I don’t see anything wrong with putting it and getting that question out of the way since it matters to so many women. Personally I would prefer to date someone my height or taller but I feel weird asking “how tall are you?”. So my question was “is there something as a woman I should be adding to my profile that men may be looking for in the same way?”

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