The Last First Date – Your Frog-Kissing Days Could Be Over!

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Communication is the key to any successful relationship. This is especially true on a first date; without effective communication, there may not be a second. Remember, that means listening, as well as talking. One tried and true technique is to ask your date questions about him / herself. The following tips will help you to ask the right questions, based on a date's temperament. (Not sure of his / her temperament? Follow the links at the end of this article to get a little 'pre-date insight').

If your date is an Artisan, you can get him to open up by asking about his adventures. Be it a risky business venture that paid off, athletic achievements, or exotic travel, the Artisan date is sure to have colorful stories. If you are competitive in a game or sport, play to win-but do not gloat if you do.


Relax and go with the flow.
Feel free to engage in friendly debate.
Express admiration for the date's gracefulness or daring.

Do not:
Try to plan every single minute.
Try to impress with esoteric theories and goals.
Flaunt cautiousness.

Guardians are all about tradition and stability. Get him to open up by asking about family and stories of past achievements. This will help you gain insight into what makes your Guardian date 'tick'.

Plan ahead-and be on time.
Avoid excessive competition.
Express admiration for dependability or common sense.

Do not:
Try to shock him (at least not yet!)
Forget (or neglect) to call when you say you will.

A Rational date is usually more cerebral. Get to know him by asking about the big picture-Rationals are most comfortable talking about theories and ideas. Before you can win a Rational's heart, you must first get inside his head.

Avoid excess emotion.
Express ideas clearly and logically.
Engage in debate-Rationals admire independent thinking.
Express admiration for their incisiveness.

Do not:
Suggest that your date is incompetent or foolish.
Become too mushy and / or sentimental.

Get to know an Idealist date by asking questions about what is important to them. You will learn a lot by hearing about his family, and people he has helped.

Something chivalrous-Idealists are incurable romantics.
Feel free to share emotions.
Express admiration for your date's caring and sympathy.

Do not:
Get into an argument (debts can sometimes seem like arguments to an Idealist).
Suggest that he is flaky or enabling.

Ultimately, relationships are about chemistry; sometimes two people just 'click'. Understanding one's own temperament, and the temperaments of those around you, can make it easier to find your ideal mate. Use these tips to become a better listener, and a great date-you are sure to make some new friends, at the very least. And who knows-you're next 'first date' might just be your last!