LiveSmart 360 – Social Media Information Overload? 5 Ways to Conquer the Flow

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Many of you have heard the buzz about the new network marketing online phenomenon, LiveSmart 360. Those of you that have become part of the company may have experienced information overload. LiveSmart 360 has been the first legitimate network marketing company to exploit social media, while maintaining its traditional business model. However, the dizzying pace in which the company communicates with its people, coupled with the multiple social media outlets that it uses, can become overwhelming.

Twitter, Facebook, blogging, nightly conference calls, team conference calls, full time job, kids, and the list goes on. Who has time for all of this? It's not a question of time, it is a question of organization and filtering.

LiveSmart 360 is simply doing what most companies will not do, communicating with their people. And just like any other information that's out there, we must apply filters. Picture trying to watch every news channel, read every newspaper, and listen to every radio news broadcast daily. It would be ridiculous. You must apply filters. You probably have your main source of news and you sometimes check a few others every now and then.

Applying this principle to your LiveSmart 360 network marketing business, you would simply pick your favorite form of social media. For example, if you love blogging, pick the LiveSmart 360 blog. It is the most comprehensive, up to date source of news from LiveSmart 360. You can find pre-recorded conference calls as well as an array of informational pdf's and brochures.

If you are a Facebook fan, hang out at the LiveSmart 360 Facebook page. There, you can connect with other LiveSmart 360 members and find similar personalities.

If you are a Twitter tweeter, check out the LiveSmart 360 twitter page. If you're in a crunch and need your information short and sweet, this is the place for you.

The nightly conference calls are great for staying plugged in. Bring as many people as you want so that they might hear from others all over the world. LiveSmart 360 is global.

You can also use the online chat if you have not found answers from all of the other sources.

AS you can see, with LiveSmart 360, you do not have to go to all sources, all the time. That would be like shooting a rabbit with a cannon, it's effective ….. but you have no more rabbit! Use filtering.