AITA for getting my mother charged with credit card fraud?

About 6 months ago my trusty 2001 Corolla was totaled in an accident. I was thinking about getting a different vehicle anyway so it wasn’t the end of the world. After insurance finally cut me a check I went car shopping. My husband and I found a good value after a week or so and we decided we’d buy it.

This is when the first red flag hits: we call up our bank to get terms for a car loan and the interest rate is a few percentage points higher than we expected. When we ask why, we are told it’s because my credit score is considerably lower than my husband’s. I thought that was weird but figured it was because he uses his credit card all the time (and pays it off every month) whereas I almost never use mine.

The second and far bigger red flag came when I got a letter from a different credit card company letting me know my options for “catching up” on my payments. We don’t have a card though this company so I called and let them know they were mistaken.

Unfortunately for me, they were not mistaken. There was a credit card in my name with an address to my mother’s house. It had a max of $2,000 and a little over $1,000 on the balance and most of the payments over the last two years were at least 30 days late, some were 90 days late. Needless to say I was shocked. The customer service person said if I wished to dispute it directly with them, I would need documentation that I spoke with law enforcement about it.

Long story short, that’s exactly what I did after my mother first refused to acknowledge she had a credit card in my name then finally acknowledged it but said she mainly used it only for special occasions. The infuriating thing is that she has the money to pay it off but the late payments completely destroyed my credit down to a 570.

I gave the credit card company a copy of the report and last month I noticed the card was no longer on my account and my credit score jumped 200 points. HURRAY!

Last Thursday, I received a call from my mother, apparently sheriff’s deputies had been to her house and informed her she was being charged with credit card fraud. Now she’s furious at me and told me that if she had known I was this serious about it she would have just paid it back.

I feel bad now because obviously the rest of the family and her friends are going to find out about this but my husband says I did the right thing. AITA?

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